Northwest Veterinary Associates, Inc 
St. Albans, Vermont   


Dairy Herd Production Record Analysis

  • Computer-assisted software program interpretation with the ability to get the full value from your Vermont or Northeast DHIA records.
    • Dairy Comp 305
    • PCDART

Reproduction Programs

  • Traditional pregnancy diagnosis and individual cow infertility therapy.
  • Ultrasound early pregnancy diagnosis
  • Herd infertility work-ups
  • Heat synchronization programs are modified and designed to fit the individual farm's needs
  • Abortion storm diagnostics

Embryo Transfer

  • Complete super-ovulation programs available with the ability to freeze and store domestic embryos
  • Transfer of your purchased frozen embryos by 4-step or direct transfer methods
  • Sales of frozen embryos from top-quality Vermont and Wisconsin dairy herds

Dairy Replacement Heifer Management

  • Newborn health care
  • Colostrum quality measurement and management
  • Growth monitoring strategy
  • Strategic De-worming Program designed for individual farms and age groups and timed to retrieve the largest economic gain

Milk Quality Evaluation

  • SCC and Quality troubleshooting to improve milk check premiums
  • Milking System Equipment Analysis (no parts or repairs!)
  • Milking procedures and hygiene on-farm visits and work-up
  • Milking personnel technique evaluation and education
  • Individual cow mastitis clinical case culture for causative bacteria


  • Feed Bunk Management
  • Rumenocentesis procedure
  • Ration Formulation troubleshooting which emphasizes a team approach that includes the Feed Company representative
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Use of NEFA's (non-esterified fatty acids) and BHBA's (beta-hydroxy butyric acids) to identify transition/fresh cow issues

Dry Cow Management

  • Transition Dry Cow Grouping Strategy development
  • Body Condition Scoring on a monthly and/or weekly basis to prevent metabolic disease
  • Anionic Salt feeding monitor by Urine pH testing

Cow Comfort

  • Ventilation Evaluation
  • New construction design assistance
  • Proper individual stall design